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Consultation and/or coaching

Please fill out the form on my contact page or feel free to call/text if prefer!

I don't charge any fees and never will. As stated before, I am highly against people making money off a disorder that has no cure-all/one-size-fits-all answer; and especially when there's no scientific peer-reviewed research conducted or published in professional journals by those practitioners charging loads of money. It's one thing to ask for donations for their assistance, but in my eyes morally wrong to make a personal business of it, when the little amount of information, methods, and strategies out there should be available to musicians/the public. It should be a service to the public/community, not a profit making business. 


If scheduling a meeting for the first time, please take into account that it usually takes 1-2 hours or more to discuss everything. 

If you would like to continually stay in contact afterwards, that is okay too, but not necessary.

I only provide guidance via video chat or meeting in person because of the advantage of being able to see your symptoms up close. I cannot help anyone based on only written descriptions of symptoms in an e-mail.


I am only here to help to shed light on what I have learned through my own experience and what has helped me. So please do not assume I have all the answers or can cure you. I only aim to give you supportive knowledge, resources, and guidance that you can take or leave as you please.

If you just need someone to simply talk to or relate with, and not necessarily looking for advice/guidance, feel free to reach out as well....just let me know. I always enjoy connecting with other musician's who are coping with this disorder.


Thank you to all who reach out. My door is always open and I hope to provide some hope!

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