About Musicians Dystonia & Injury Live Talk

During the 2020 pandemic, many of us have been stuck indoors for a few months now. As a result, I noticed musician's need for expression started growing tremendously on social media; posting music compositions, videos of performances, and zoom meetings. 

I realized this would be a good time to support the music dystonia community by collaborating together, sharing our journey's during this quarantine so that it may help others, and raising public awareness within the profession.

Thus, the live-streamed video interview series "Musicians Dystonia Live Talk", and the off-branch "Musicians Injury Live Talk" began. I can't tell you how much of an impact it has been on others...an outpouring of messages saying thank you, thank you, thank you! Lives have been moved, changed, and it brought us all closer together along our journey with this disorder. 

I can't thank all the musicians who participated enough; for speaking out about their journey and experiences with me. It has been one of the greatest honors. I hope that these videos continue to reach into the hearts of those who cope with this disorder, or an injury, setback, or disability.

Most of all I hope it influences a better future for coming generations, even if a glimmer of hope by opening the door to conversation, education, and support. For many of us have gone this journey alone, unrecognized, unheard, or misunderstood. 

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