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"The questionnaire helps me understand your playing better before we meet or skype. However, I believe it may help those who are new to observing their current state of dysfunction. This can help reflect when looking back on ones playing history, medical history, or mental health history. If you have not seen a neurologist yet, this is similar to the background/history they will ask for. It's not a professional document by any means, but it can be used to evaluate everything that is going on with your playing more thoroughly."

Please be aware that most of the questions are based on focal task-specific dystonia symptoms; not oromandibular dystonia, cervical dystonia, segmental dystonia, generalized dystonia, etc. It is important to know that some musicians do have other forms of dystonia and the diagnosis process sometimes takes longer to figure out what they have. If you have questions about other forms of dystonia, feel free to message me or do research on the various forms.  

If you are meeting with me, please send the questionnaire to my e-mail:

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