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A Short Guide to Key Transposition on French Horn by Katie Angelica Berglof



I originally wrote my horn transposition guide back in 2007 before I developed Focal Dystonia, and published it through Knol. However, they discontinued Knol years ago. Finally, here in 2020 I have updated, copyrighted, and published my transposition guide.

I wrote this guide to provide a different approach than the interval method and make it a little easier for others to learn transposing. I didn't get to become a professor thanks to focal dystonia, but my love for teaching, writing, creating and advocating has carried on in different ways.

I have to give credit to Professor Jeffrey Agrell from the University of Iowa who first commented on my guide way back in 2007. He sent me a message saying I should publish more, as I'm a natural writer, and gave me some additional tips on my guide. That was when I also had a horn blog going (pre-dystonia era of my life) and writing more about horn-related knowledge. His encouragement instilled me with confidence to submit it and put it out there.

Also my professor Dr. Tritle at the time was a horn guru with several packets, recordings, and written material he created specifically for the horn studio and students to study. I figured if I wanted to be a professor someday, I wanted to be like him and be able to provide educational material and be equally as scholarly and nerdy about the horn. 


I think what pushed me to republish though, was a fond memory of catching a colleague of mine with the guide in his orchestra folder whenever he showed up to rehearsal. I was surprised and deeply humbled.

I hope that this short guide will help other horn players and enthusiasts along their musical journey too, and increase their enjoyment and understanding of the art of horn transposition! 📯


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